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About Us ..
Islamic University of Turkey

Who We Are

We are group of academic professors from ALAZHAR University and outside it ( different nationalities ) .
We work in different universities in several Arab and European countries . We have established an Islamic University Based in Turkey and we chose the name (Islamic University of Turkey) .
Through which we decided to spread the Legitimate science to Muslims in general, and to new Muslims specially through distance education, to facilitate the study from all over the world .
We publish the curricula and grant grades through this university,
we ask God success and rectitude.

University Features

1- We accept students from both sexes without specific age or nationality.
2 – Distance education system facilitates the student to seek the forensic science without restriction of direct attendance.
3 – Study in the language of the Holy Quran (Arabic) .
4 – Special section for teaching Arabic to non – native speakers.
5 – The university is working with the equivalent of published and unpublished literature.
6- We issue our certificate in Arabic and Turkish.
7 – We are available to answer for your inquiry in 24 hours.

Objectives of the University

1 – The university aims to prepare a new generation of preachers.
2 – Facilitate the study of forensic science for those who find it difficult to study it .
3 – The student will be qualified to become a high degree of excellence in his specialize.
4 – aims to develop research activities through the formation of scientific research teams
through Social Media programs.
5- We are specialized and different from other universities in cooperation with a distinctive
elite of Al-Azhar professors.
6 – We aim to develop the student and develop his intellectual and research skills.



The university is teaching with the distance education system to serve students of science all
over the world,
It has Multiple approvals to certify the testimony from specialized agencies for the trust in it’s
educational system
The certificate is certified according to the student’s wishes and the protocol of his country
We can document the certificates from the Foreign Ministry and from the Embassy of the student